Do you also want to get rid of paper work lists, stained folders and a lack of clear reporting? That means it’s time for Fooddesk!

Fooddesk HACCP, your safety and quality assurance

Following and implementing the HACCP guidelines to guarantee quality, hygiene and food safety requires your full attention and dedication every day as a care institution. But it takes (too) much time, energy and money ... you say? At Fooddesk we know it's not easy. The good news is: it can be done faster and more efficiently, provided you are supported by the right self-checking system.

The facts ...

Keeping track of tasks on paper isn't just time-consuming. It is not a watertight system either. Has the task been done? At the right time? Does the employee have all the necessary information? Were the critically important temperature checks performed on time? Non-conformities correctly registered? Reporting is important. The HACCP software is customisable, both for tasks and for reports. The practical side is often unruly. Reason for us to integrate our HACCP with IOT software to make sure loggers and other important reporters can immediately record their reports. That’s so practical" Mitte Berkelmans, HACCP-specialist Fooddesk

How does it work?

Fooddesk HACCP or Self-checking is a cloud-based ERP solution tailored to the needs of food professionals. You can follow the cleaning plan, measure temperature and enter non-conformities in a simple and ‘paperless’ way.


Personalised according to the needs and shifts of your employees.


Document system for your work instructions and guidelines.

IoT integration

Objects communicate with each other in a ‘smart’ way.


In order to monitor the correct performance of tasks.


Check for tasks, temperature and non-conformities.

LoRa integration

Flawless working over long distances, through a network.


Registering and retrieving information about reception, core temperature, heating, cooling.


For automatic measurements in temperature-sensitive devices or locations.

Good to know

Do you process food and deliver to another institution and is this more than 30% turnover in a radius of 80 km or do you deliver to more than two institutions?
In that case, the full HACCP system applies. And fortunately, Fooddesk is here to help you.

Do you process food, but deliver to end users only?
In that case, it is enough to stick to the rules of good hygiene practices with simplified HACCP.

Do you not process food or do you only work with pre-packed or non-perishable food?
In that case, good hygiene practices are sufficient for you.

Want to start with Fooddesk HACCP?

Choose security.

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More than 60 hospitals, nursing and care homes in Belgium and the Netherlands rely on Fooddesk data.

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