We take care of everything and provide added value with up-to-date allergen information.”

Fooddesk supports healthcare

Living up to the food safety and hygiene standards in healthcare, ensuring quality, guaranteeing the health of your patients or customers and protecting the reputation of your hospital or nursing home … is easier said than done. Because standards are becoming stricter and food allergies are on the rise. It’s only logical that the focus on allergens has increased, but how can you keep everything (better) under control?

For many years Fooddesk nutritionists have been experts in your business. They know the bottlenecks: incorrect and incomplete product information. This belongs to the past with the Fooddesk software.

You supply food at home or to peer organisations? In that case, you need to label everything according to the EU1169/2011 Directive. With the Fooddesk software you can easily meet this standard, both for allergens and nutritional values.

Our solutions

Software with benefits, that’s a promise. Under the motto ‘the more automation, the fewer errors’ we offer a total solution in the field of food data and food safety for healthcare institutions - according. Meet our modules (which can all be used separately).


Always up-to-date allergen information thanks to our dieticians.


Work faster and more correctly with the right self-checking ERP.

Track and trace

Certainty from reception to distribution, artificial intelligence all around!


Uw snelle weg naar een waterdichte accreditatie.

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