In co-creation towards perfect track and trace of your raw materials!”

Fooddesk track and trace, your guarantee for the future

You want to go one step further to be 'paperless' and '100%' compliant with the food safety legislation? In that case, your hospital or nursing home will definitely benefit from the Fooddesk tracking and tracing. Our module which allows you to trace meals and raw materials throughout the process from reception to distribution, through all stages of production or processing.

The facts ...

Work in a kitchen is hectic and fast, things can easily go wrong. To offer a solution, Fooddesk is currently working on 'track and trace'. The purpose of this module is to trace WHAT was used, WHEN it was used and the temperature of the ingredient in the past and when served from A to Z.” Carl Beniest, CTO Fooddesk

The advantages of track and trace

Features & Benefits

Trace all your products and meals throughout your cycle, from delivery to consumption
One software package to monitor your entire chain, from A to Z
Avoid disasters or register them correctly if they should occur
In co-creation we develop a tailor-made package for your organisation

How does it work?

The development of this package is done through co-creation. Fooddesk describes the theory of the full ‘tracing’ course. Four hospitals - GZA Hospitals Antwerp, Imelda Hospital Bonheiden, Geel Hospital and Sint-Lucas volkskliniek Gent - are collaborating in this development. Theory and practice together ensure the best result.

Tracking and tracing is used to monitor all stages of production, processing and distribution. Setting up an adequate tracking and tracing system allows you to efficiently recall food products that pose a health risk, provide useful information on these products to the competent authorities (in the event of non-conformity) and detailed information on these products to patients and care providers.

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More than 60 hospitals, nursing and care homes in Belgium and the Netherlands rely on Fooddesk data.

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